Reserved Seats


2016 Grid - Turn 1 (2)

2016 Grid - Turn 4 (2)

Attention Race Fans…

Action Track USA will again be offering “Reserved Seating”

We had been asked to have our fans remove their blankets and plastic after each event. The items left behind are not pleasurable to look at when blowing in the wind on off nights. Any items left behind will be put in the lost and found area.

Pictured below is a layout of the Action Track grandstands split into 2 halves’ (The end towards turn 1 and the end towards turn 4). Simply send us a message on Facebook or an email to with the following information:

1. Section
2. Row
3. Seat number or numbers

Each seat is $50.00 to reserve for the whole season. You will pay regular admission for that night’s event. With this reserved seat you will receive an ID card with your name, section, row, and seat number on it. Your seat will be labeled with the same information.

Once we confirm your seating information we will send you an invoice via email for the seats you reserved. Once your payment is received we will send out your ID card and label your newly reserved seat.: