Rules & Forms


All competitors must fill out a driver information and a W9 form.

Forms can be printed out and mailed to:
Action Track USA
52A Woodside Avenue
Temple, PA 19560



600 Sprint Car
Hyper Racing 600 Micro Sprints will follow the US6A rules along with HOOSIER TIRES (any compound) ON ALL 4 CORNERS OF THE CAR.


Race Day Procedures

  • The 600’s and the Slingshots will be lined up for heats by pill draw for regular show. Special shows will be announced.
  • SpeedSTR’s heat races will be lined up by timed warmups.
  • STR’s, 600’s, and Slingshots warmups will be at 6:00, followed by their heat races.
  • 2 starts, 3rd single file
  • Jumps, give 1, second you go back 2 spots
  • Provisionals – only get 2 per year
  • Spin or cause of wreck. Heats give one, second time to the pits, feature give 2, third time to the pits
  • Provisional guys – give one, second time to the pits
  • Radios are mandatory – They are part of your safety equipment. If we feel someone does not have one on, we will pull you over and check. You get a warning for that event weather it is warmups, heat, or feature. Next time you are on the track, you must have a working radio. If you are found not to. You will be sent to the pits.
  • Lap cars to the rear for regular shows. Bigger shows will be addressed at their driver meetings.
  • Arm Restraints – 600’s and SpeedSTR’s mandatory
  • Head Restraints of any kind – Mandatory in all 3 divisions

Note: If you are found to have a rules infraction, Action Track USA reserves the right to check for the same infraction upon return the following week or first event back. This inspection will take place prior to any racing on the track for that night’s event.


4-Cylinder Stock Cars

All cars that follow Linda’s Speedway, Grandview Speedway, Trailways Speedway, and Mahoning Valley Speedway 4-Cylinder rules are eligible with the following universal rules in place.

  • All Cars must have DOT Tires. No Hoosier or American Racers Allowed
  • All Cars must use Pump Gas. 93 Octane Maximum
  • All Cars must have a roll cage.

Linda’s Speedway Rules

Grandview Speedway Rules

Trailways Speedway Rules

Mahoning Valley Speedway Rules