Jeffrey Hogue Purchases Naming Rights to the Action Track USA at the Kutztown Fairgrounds

Jeffrey Hogue Purchases Naming Rights to the Action Track USA at the Kutztown Fairgrounds

Myerstown, Pa. – When the new management team took over, they immediately changed the name of the track. Now, less than two months into their tenure as race organizers and about five months before the first chunk of clay will be tossed into the springtime evening air, that new name has already been altered – but for a very good reason…

In what is believed to be “a first” for this region’s short track racing industry, co-promoters Rich Tobias and Doug Rose have announced that Wyomissing realtor Jeffrey Hogue has purchased the naming rights to Action Track USA at the Kutztown Fairgrounds in Kutztown, Pa.

While the details of the purchase were not disclosed, the deal has been confirmed by all parties and the new name of the speedway is officially the “ Action Track”.

Hogue, the number one realtor in Berks County (where the speedway is located), is looking to expand his market into the Allentown and Lancaster areas. He believes his involvement with the Action Track will greatly assist that expansion.

“I sell more homes than any other realtor in Berks County,” said Hogue, matter-of-factly. “It’s time to grow my business and spread into nearby areas like Allentown and Lancaster, and I was looking for a way to help get my name into those regions.”

That’s when Brad Reinert, a friend of Rose who is lending a hand in the marketing of the speedway, entered the picture. He queried Hogue about purchasing a billboard for the Action Track’s first season under Tobias and Rose. Hogue checked out the track’s Facebook page and noticed that it was possible to obtain the naming rights to the speedway. When Reinert confirmed that fact, Hogue said, “I’ll write the check and get it to you tomorrow.”

Admitting that his initial reason for the investment was “strictly for business reasons – my realty business,” Hogue quickly became enamored with the facility’s potential as he and the promotional team discussed their plans and goals for the speedway.

“As I talk to Doug and Rich and hear about everything they’ve got planned for this place, it’s become a passion for me, too. I want to help make the Action Track a success. I told them to let me know if they need anything as they reconfigure the track.”

Rose and Tobias were thrilled to find a marketing partner so soon, and Rose confirmed that one of his goals was to find someone who was interested in the naming rights to the speedway.

“One of the reasons we decided to call it “the Action Track” is because that name seemed to lend itself to adding a business name in front of it,” said Rose. “We kicked around a bunch of other names, but that one seemed to work best if and when we sold the naming rights.”

Hogue is not a stranger to motorsports; in fact, he has a long and very interesting background in racing.

“I sat in the fourth turn bleachers at the Reading Fairgrounds. I couldn’t get enough dirt in my soda, and I loved seeing those Modifieds wheeling through the corners,” noted Hogue.

When he wasn’t watching the action on the famous half-mile Fairgrounds oval, Hogue was racing models of his heroes in the alleys of Reading. But it was 1990, while working for a local uniform company, that he was offered what many would consider to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was recruited by Penske Racing to work on Rick Mears’ team. Their Indy Car teams were based in Reading at the time, and I guess they thought, for some reason, that I could help them out. I also worked on Danny Sullivan’s crew, and for Emerson Fittipaldi, too.”

Hogue was part of the crew that transported the cars, set up the pits, and did whatever was needed on the cars. “It was awesome,” admits Hogue, “and I treasure all the photos I’ve got of my time with Penske. I was in victory lane with Danny Sullivan and Mears, and I got to know Fittipaldi pretty well. Those were great years.”

Hogue was part of Penske’s Indy Car program from ’90 – ’93, when he got married and delved into the real estate business.

Today, Hogue sells residential and commercial properties, and he also gets involved with sub-divisions and land development. He’s also a professional photographer – “I’ve got a bucket truck that I use to take very unique photos of the properties that I’m selling; the photos offer prospective buyers a different perspective of the houses and properties,” says Hogue.

Despite his busy schedule, Hogue says he will not be an absentee naming rights owner at the speedway. “Oh, you can bet I’ll be there…I can’t wait for the season to begin. And I’m bringing people with me, too. This is going to be exciting; Rich and Doug have a lot of ideas about making the racing great and keeping the fans entertained. We’re gonna have some fun at the Action Track in 2013.”

The SpeedSTR’s will be the headline division at the Action Track, paying $2,000 to win the Wednesday night main events. Joining the SpeedSTR’s will be the All Star Slingshots, wingless 600cc and winged 270cc Micro-Sprints.

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