Action Track USA: Mayberry & Yankowski Split SpeedSTR Twins; White Wins 600 Sprints Two In A Row For Brett Bieber In Slingshot Competition

Action Track USA: Mayberry & Yankowski Split SpeedSTR Twins; White Wins 600 Sprints Two In A Row For Brett Bieber In Slingshot Competition

Action Track USA: Mayberry & Yankowski Split SpeedSTR Twins; White Wins 600 Sprints
Two In A Row For Brett Bieber In Slingshot Competition

June 2–Kutztown, PA — Wednesday’s Ronnie Tobias Memorial at Championship Energy Action Track USA featured the Old Guard versus the Young Guns, and when the final checkered flag waved, the score was one to one.

Ageless veteran Tom Mayberry, from Sellersville, PA, notched his first All Pro SpeedSTR victory in the opening 20 lapper while youthful charger Alex Yankowski, from Covington Township, PA, grabbing the win in the second of the Twin 20’s.

Defending 600 Sprint champ Colin White, South Abington Township, PA, recorded his first triumph of the season in a sensational 25 lap romp presented by the Hyper Racing/ EVO Injection wingless 600 racers.

Oley, PA’s Brett Bieber made it two in a row by winning the 20 lap main for the All Star Slingshots.

The first SpeedSTR feature went clean and green for the initial 14 circuits with Jared Silfee barely holding off a determined TJ Mayberry for the top spot. A yellow with six to go set up a double-file restart and, as the leaders bounded into turns one and two, Silfee’s car pushed up the banking and into Mayberry, causing TJ’s No. 7r to flip and come to rest at the exit of turn two.
On the restart, it was the elder of the Mayberry clan, Tom, blasting by Silfee to take the lead as they gassed their mounts through one and two. Alex Yankowski slipped past Silfee for second a few tours later, but there was no catching the former dirt modified and Legend Car racer as Tom Mayberry raced to his first SpeedSTR win for car owner Ralph Rehrig. Yankowski, Billy Pauch Jr., Louden Reimert, and Briggs Danner made up the top five.

Mayberry would suffer the same fate as his son in the second of the Twin 20’s, as a chain reaction incident resulted in his No. Glick Fire Equipment No. 17R tumbling wildly at the end of the backstretch. Like TJ, Tom was okay but dejected over his twist of fate.

The youth movement then took over with Jason Musser leading Briggs Danner, Louden Reimert, and Yankowski. A few laps after the halfway signal, Yankowski, who had worked his way into the runner up slot, executed a slide job on Danner in the fourth turn to snatch the lead away from the Allentown hot shoe. Danner attempted a retaliation slider the next time around but got very loose and sideways, allowing Yankowski to dance away from the pack. After he got the car corrected, Danner had to fight off the advances of Musser to hang on to second over the final frantic laps.
Yankowski cruised to the win over Danner, with Musser an impressive third for his best-ever Action Track USA finish. Reimert finished fourth again and Andy Haus raced home in the fifth position.
The 25-lapper for the Hyper Racing 600 Sprints may not have been highlighted by a fierce battle for the win, but it was marked by a ferocious fight for second among several drivers.

Colin White stormed to the lead on lap one—he started third in the 30-car field—from his third starting position. White ran away from the pack over the first ten trips around the racy banked oval, then survived a few restarts during the second half of the race to win by almost one second over runner-up Steven Snyder Jr.

With White stinking up the show out front, the battle royal from second through seventh had everyone’s attention, and it was sensational.

Kenny Miller III, who hustled to Kutztown after beginning an internship with an engineering firm on Wednesday, snared the runner-up slot in the early laps and tried in vain to run down White. But Kenny had to play some defense, too, because a snarling pack of hungry 600 Sprint pilots were soon on his tail.

Miller spent the remainder of the race trading slide jobs with Steve Snyder Jr. as the young lions waged a terrific war for second. Also in the mix were Joey Jarowicz, Eddie Strada, 14th starting Tim Buckwalter, and Michael Nolf. Intense battles for the runner-up spot as well as fourth place ensued over the remainder of the race as White enjoyed being way out front when dealing with lapped traffic.

White then survived a few anxious restarts, but he dashed away each time the green reappeared and went on to win by 0.888-seconds. Snyder edged out Miller by inches for second place money, with Strada claiming fourth and Tim Buckwalter rounded out the top five finishers.

The All Star Slingshots spun off 16 laps trouble free before a yellow slowed their pace. Teenager Jax Yohn fought off the challenges of Sam Neary and Bieber for much of that green flag run, but lapped traffic proved to be his undoing. As both Yohn and Neary hit the brakes to avoid contact with slower cars, Bieber spied an open lane on the bottom of the speedway and he went for it.
Accelerating off turn four, Bieber shot to the bottom and went from third to first as the leaders crossed the stripe to complete lap 12. The “Oley Jet” motored away from that point on, and even the lone restart with four to go could not stop him.

Bieber registered his second consecutive victory after going winless for the past five seasons at Action Track USA. Neary won the battle for second with Yohn a disappointed third. Blaire Schoenly wound up fourth and Tyler Ulsh rounded out the top five.

This Wednesday, June 9, the Junior Slingshots make their first appearance of the year at the Berks County oval. They will join the Speedway Entertainment All Pro SpeedSTRs presented by VP Racing Fuel, the Hyper Racing 600 Sprints, and the All Star Slingshots in another exciting program that begins with warm-ups at 6 p.m.

Coming up on Sunday, June 13, it’s the “Im-POSSE-ble”—a history making event at Action Track USA as the winged 410 Sprint Cars of the PA Posse compete for the very first time on the high banked, ultra-wide clay playground. Warm-ups begin at 6:30 p.m. for this “can’t miss” event.

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All Pro SpeedSTRs, 1st 20 lap Feature: 1.Tom Mayberry, 2.Alex Yankowski, 3.Billy Pauch Jr., 4.Louden Reimert, 5.Briggs Danner, 6.Matt Janisch, 7.Jason Musser, 8.Mike Bednar, 9.Dillon Steuer, 10.Gary Wagner, 11.Dustin Morris, 12.Nick Havens, 13.Justin Thompson, 14.Steve Buckwalter, 15.Jared Silfee, 16.TJ Mayberry, 17.Tim Buckwalter, 18.Nick Pecko, 19.Andy Haus, 20.Tyler Brehm, 21.Tim Iulg.

All Pro SpeedSTRs, 2nd 20 lap Feature: 1.Alex Yankowski, 2.Briggs Danner, 3.Jason Musser, 4.Louden Reimert, 5.Andy Haus, 6.Tyler Brehm, 7.Justin Thompson, 8.Dustin Morris, 9.Dillon Steuer, 10.TJ Mayberry, 11.Mike Bednar, 12.Gary Wagner, 13.Billy Pauch Jr., 14.Matt Janisch, 15.Tom Mayberry, 16.Steve Buckwalter, 17.Nick Havens, 18.Tim Buckwalter. DNS: Jared Silfee, Nick Pecko, Tim Iulg.

Hyper Racing/ EVO Injection 600 Sprints, 25 laps: 1.Colin White, 2.Steven Snyder Jr., 3.Kenny Miller III, 4.Eddie Strada, 5.Tim Buckwalter, 6.Joey Jarowicz, 7.Michael Nolf, 8.Jay Hartman, 9.Billy Koch, 10.Billy Pauch Jr., 11.Fred Heinly, 12.Mike Rutherford, 13.Connor Gross, 14.Joey Amantea, 15.James Morris, 16.Aiden Borden, 17.Jesse Maurer, 18.Zack Bealer, 19.Jayden Wolf, 20.Ben Maier, 21.Jasper Zeigafuse, 22.Sammy Martz Jr., 23.Preston Lattomus, 24.Tyler Henry, 25.Logan Rumsey, 26.Reese Nowotarski, 27.Zach Weisenfluh, 28.Matthew Donley, 29.Tanner VanDoren, 30.Briggs Danner.
DNQ: Tyler Ulrich, Nick Skias, Joe Timmins, Jake Winters, Cory Hunsberger, Jeff Hartman, Ryan Kunkle, Dominic Schmidt, Jackson White, Danny Buccafusca, Jarid Kunkle, Alex Ruppert, Alex Bright, Jared Lilly, Nicho Flammer, Thomas Coppinger, Zack Frantz, Geordon Marrero, Adrianna Delliponti, Joe Kay.

All Star Slingshots, 20 laps: 1.Brett Bieber, 2.Sam Neary, 3.Jax Yohn, 4.Blaine Schoenly, 5.Tyler Ulsh, 6.Amanda Angstadt, 7.James Hendricks, 8.Tim Roeder, 9.Shelby McLaughlin, 10.Cooper Schoenly, 11.William Mohring, 12.Molly Struss, 13.Bobby Klein, 14.Dan Reese, 15.Chase Bixler. DNS: Gavin Danner, Andrew Turpin.

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