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600 Tech

600 Tech: As most of you know we observed a head port that we did not feel met the U6SA rules as they were written.

When we first observed the head port we did not feel it looked like the other 2 head ports we had looked earlier in tech, which is why we felt the need to check into this matter further.

Since we do not actually write the rules we felt it was in the best interest of fairness to contact the president and the vice president (Jim Young & Zach Light) along with other board officials and engine builders regarding this matter.

Over approximately the next 12 hours myself, our tech guy (Mark Ludwig), Young, and Light reviewed different stock head ports that are available. What we discovered is there are many different mold variations out there and available. We also found some that were similar to the ports on the 25 car. Young, Light, and Ludwig all agree that there are too many variations of molds to determine if this head had any work done to it or not. It is this tracks feeling that you the racers should have this matter at in full consideration at the next rules meeting this coming year.

With all that being said, we have received some comments and criticism regarding this matter.

  1. As a race track it is our job to protect and keep a level playing field, not to interpret rules written by another body. If we wrote the rules we would know the mindset behind the rule. Since we don’t always know the mindset behind the rule, we reserve the right to look into the matter further.


  1. As a race track and a racer, we will always do what’s best for all of our racers. We will give the benefit of the doubt, full consideration and not jump to an automatically guilty decision. We are not out to tarnish anyone’s reputation, we are here to put on the best show possible and keep it fair.


  1. We suggest that more tracks begin checking more than just the rev and the bore and stroke. We will continue to check many different areas of the rules to be sure racers are staying within them. We feel there are many other areas that a racer can gain an advantage and we will continue to monitor and check all facets of the U6SA rules.


  1. It has been mentioned that we were handling this matter this way because of the car manufacturer. Although, we do appreciate what all of our sponsors do for us, it is more important to me to do what is right for my 95 different wingless 600 competitors that have come through our gates this season. These 95 racers account for much of our overall success and we know and appreciate that.

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